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5 out of 5
I saw an ad for James on Gaydar and was always curious about trying a kink session and something different. I decided calling James and after talking about what I wanted to experience we met at his place. I saw a perfect rugged gentleman that was down to earth and really nice and polite. I was a little scared but curious at the same time but James took it easy with me. After the session ended I felt amazing. It was fantastic and something I have never experienced but am very keen to try again. I then met James again a few days after for a erotic massage that was out of this world. It relaxed me for days on end and felt if I was floating on a cloud.

James is an amazing gentleman. He is not like your other rent boys who only want your money.  James is far from this, he will explain to you what your session will be about before and then talk to you after the session has ended. He is a decent gentleman who likes to talk to you about topics from food and wine to everyday general talk. I will definitely return to see James the next time I am passing through Sydney. He has opened my mind to the world of kink/fetish and am eagerly awaiting our next encounter.

Thanks, AB
5 out of 5
Before we met, I had email, text and phone cotact with James. He was on time for our first appointment in a city hotel earlier this year.

I was in need of a good massage after a busy few days in the city. Checking with me about pressure, and working by candle light and music, James worked carefully over my body discovering the areas needing attention.

James has a warm and generous nature, is welcoming, easy going and has great sense of humour. We keep in contact with each other in between appointments. His professional nature and care from our first contact, always leave me…….

Very satisfied

5 out of 5
Thankyou James for such and amazing experience. From the moment we first meet you made me feel welcome and comfortable being with you. You are a gentle, kind and caring person and your gentle touch and cuddled up to you is something to experience and treasure. You are a gentlemen and intelliegent young man and each time we meet you make me feel so special. I am so looking forward to our next experience….

5 out of 5
Thank you James,
For your expertese and talent in every part of our time together, you took me places with my fetishes after you accompanied me to dinner – as we Aussies say ‘bloody fantastic’, I cant wait to enjoy you again!!
Cheers mate,
I had not had an erotic massage before but after locating James’ website decided to make contact. He was very caring and understood my anxious feelings. He encouraged me to explore my desires for intimacy without being pushy. He patiently answered my questions and concerns.

I met James in Canberra at a city hotel and had an amazing experience. The massage was great and the sensual atmosphere created by music, lighting and both of us being naked all added to an awesome experience. James was able to put me at ease and instinctively knew the time for conversation and the time for quiet.

If any guys, older or younger, want to explore their desire for intimacy with another man then contact James who will give you the respect and memorable experience that you have been seeking.

It has been great to catch up with gentleman James again in recent months after five year’s gap. Our enjoyment of each other’s company is deepening, over a meal, cup of coffee or, in contact by phone, text or email.

In massage time, as he works to release tension, he is rediscovering those spots that need attention; pressure perfect every time, though he always checks. Music is there in the background, never intruding, always appropriate.

His warm generous professional nature, great sense of humour, constant care, mean he is never too busy to give me time when we do catch up.


James is one hot sexy guy who uses all his skill and well equipped body to ensure we both enjoy every moment of our time together.

Always professional, he has an amazing gift of knowing how to gently but playfully, add a little extra just when you think there’s nothing more…..

From experience, overnight stay is always a bonus. You never know till you try.